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I always seem to choose to post when I have almost no time.  This time is no exception, as I'm making dinner, doing laundry, needing to attend to Nature's call, sorting tax papers, and looking at the Web right now. 

Still, I'll post something....

It has come to my attention that my daughter is a nicer person when I am a nicer person.  I'm not taking entirely kindly to this news.  See, I'm a curmudgeonly she-bastard in my head, and I'm comfortable that way.  Being nice and having fun is okay for a few hours, but it's so alien and unfamiliar to me that it feels like work to maintain it for very long.  Bitching about stuff, on the other hand, is easy.  Natural.  Comfortable.

I guess when They say that being a parent will make you a better person, it's this kind of thing they're talking about.  You know, getting nicer and grumping less.  I don't know.  It's all very mysterious to me.  I'd like to record developments as they, well, develop, here in my LJ.  But considering my history, it may not happen.  After all, I've recorded so few other developments and significant events here (did you know I finally had my medically-indicated colonoscopy in January?  No, because I still haven't gotten around to writing about it here.  Because I seem to be waiting for something before I post here.  What am I waiting for?  Maybe I'm waiting til I have happier, less grumpy bitchy things to write about.  Again, I don't know.)

That's all for now.
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but you've got to start somewhere, right?

Bear with me, humor me, while I start to hammer out my thesis, k?

Feminism is
understanding that men and women may have different priorities
and understanding that one's priorities are as legitimate as the other's.


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