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I woke at 4:30 this morning with what I can only describe as phantom restless legs. I really do have legs, and I had the sense that they were restless, but mostly they were not. I've had truly restless legs, late in my pregnancy with Maggie, and then they were twitchy and jumpy. This was like a shadow of that. But I suspect it may be a warning to fix my mineral balance -- maybe eat some bananas or something. I just drank a whole glass of milk without even noticing, maybe I need calcium. Also it makes me want to go running. Not being much of a runner, this is weird, but I'll give it a try a bit later.

The nice thing was, I had finally gotten some rest this weekend by generally sleeping through the nights and even taking a long rest yesterday afternoon, so I intermittently dozed between 4:30 and 6:00, then I got up. Blessing of blessings, the Wee One stayed in bed until 7:00. Then instead of yelling at me for not being in bed (have I mentioned we have some behavioral issues to address?), she snuggled with her Daddy for a few minutes then came downstairs in a mostly good mood.

It was just beginning to get light outside at 7:10 when she came down. I noticed that the clouds had thinned, that the pavement and cars were very wet, and that the air (as measured by my Oregon Scientific Weather Station) was a chill 45 degrees.

Ah, the first day of Autumn! As the sun came up, I noticed gold leaves framing the still-deep-green Oak tree across the neighborhood. The maples are changing already. Oaks to follow, undoubtedly. And the ground is wet, wet, wet. Soon it will be time to get the flannel sheets back out (I forced myself to stow them away the first of June, though I was still cold.) I'm already enjoying long sleeves again. I love summer, adore being hot for a while, thrive on the light bright sunshine, but the return of cool weather means baking more (apple pie planned for tonight!), roasting more, and sitting down to comfort foods at dinner more. It means cutting back the perennials and planting bulbs for Spring, and making plans for the season of darkness.


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