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For some reason, dealing with sinus issues means insomnia. This is the second morning in a row I've awakened at 3am and been unable to go back to sleep. (Are my sentences stilted? I like writing this way.) The morning before that I was awake from 4:30 on, but I'd gone to bed later than usual, so the end result was roughly the same: 4-ish hours of sleep.

I'll spare you a description of what the mucus is doing in my head. It's gross, we'll leave it at that.

When I left the bedroom a few minutes ago to do something besides lay in bed, I saw a bright light. Maggie's been having trouble sleeping in her own room for, oh, ever, and we've taken to bribing her to stay in her own bed all night so we can get some sleep. I was feeling pleased and impressed at 3 when I realized that she hadn't come in to our room yet. Well, apparently she decided at some small hour of the morning to turn on her room light and go back to bed. I peeked in to her brightly-lit room to see her snoozing away. Earlier this week we'd taken the clever measure of putting an illuminated "fish tank" in her room for comfort. It worked one night to keep her in bed, then she was back to her old tricks of coming into our room and begging for me once or even twice in a night. So, if turning on the room light helps, I guess we'll go with that.

Man, I wish I was not too tired right now to write that story in some sort of clever way. I know I'm capable of better.


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