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Well, folks, the jury is still out regarding Maggie's birthday party at Gymboree this afternoon. Fifteen kids were invited, seven RSVPd, five showed up (two of the RSVPs were no's, so this wasn't too surprising.) All of the guests were boys. Maggie enjoyed the play portions of the day, but when the play leaders tried to draw attention to her, she shrank from it. Despite the fact that these were her friends and they were all having fun. She just doesn't want to be the center of attention. There goes her career in politics, I guess.

When playtime was over it was time for cake and presents. She didn't enjoy the cake and wanted to go home. Things to keep in mind when having a 3-year-old open presents in front of a group: their manners leave a little to be desired. She decided two days ago that she wanted a teddy bear (news to me) and when she opened the first gift and it was a baby doll she started to say "but I wanted a teddy!" This was from the family whose little boy got a fire truck from us -- and it got the best reaction from him of any of the gifts he got. I was a little upset. But she said thank you and moved on.

After presents, she was more than ready to go home. She fell asleep in the car, which usually results in a cranky kid who doesn't want to sleep when get arrive. No troubles there -- in the driveway she woke up, corrected the story about her I was telling Eric, then asked to go to bed. At 6pm, only about 2-3 hours early. With no diaper on.

She also felt a little hot, though I checked her again after she slept about half an hour and I think her temperature seems more normal, so hopefully it was just the excitement and not an illness coming on.

Pictures will be posted later.


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